Marie Butterfield

Student Spotlight: Marie Butterfield

My name is Marie Butterfield. I attend the esteemed Benedict College as a Junior. I was born and raised in Grand Bahama, a gem among the beautiful islands of The Bahamas. As we proudly proclaim in our Bahamian dialect,  “I Born, Bred, Ga Dead Bahamian.” Our Bahamian culture is not

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Zina Lynch

Board Member Spotlight: Zina Lynch

For over 10 years, Zina has witnessed firsthand the value of linking cultures. Through her own non-profit organization, she has been connecting students in Uganda with sponsors in the United States providing children with opportunities for education and medical care. She has a passion for exploring the world, engaging with

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Pat Lawter

Board Member Spotlight: Pat Lawter

Pat grew up on a tobacco farm outside a small town, Four Oaks NC. The family ran a BBQ restaurant in NC for over 30 years. After graduating from Four Oaks High School, she attended NC State University to study Math Education. After marrying, she moved to Camden, SC where

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German Soto Martinez

Student Spotlight: German Soto Martinez

What is your cultural background? I was born in Medina de Pomar, a tiny town in northern Spain. At 13, my family and I relocated to Bilbao, a dynamic city in the Basque Country. Basketball has always been my passion; I used it as a stepping stone to achieve my academic

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Downtown Columbia, SC

International Programs, by Sewell Gelberd

Busy times at CIV. The Committee for International Visitors currently has four scheduled upcoming programs; one in June and one in July. The programs for two of these delegations will be focused on the topic of Domestic Violence and one on Cybersecurity, bringing the total number of groups we have received

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Courtney Bailey

Board Member Spotlight: Courtney Bailey

Courtney is a respected international educator committed profoundly to service and humanitarian development. Courtney’s work spans diverse global communities, and she is driven by a passion for uplifting communities and fostering cultural understanding. She is pursuing a Ph.D. in education, specializing in English language learning. Her academic pursuits reflect her

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