Student Spotlight: Gaurav Harshe

Gaurav HarsheWe asked Gaurav a few questions about his background and his higher education experience.

What is your cultural background? 
I am from Mumbai, India, a metropolitan city and the home of Indian Cinema, popularly known as Bollywood around the world. It is also the country’s financial capital running its Bombay Stock Exchange! 

What parts of American culture do you find interesting? 
It’s interesting to learn about U.S. culture in that it’s said that people say what they mean, but I have often found people speaking in a coded language where they really mean one thing but say something else. Also, most folks are good by themselves and don’t need a lot of community and people-support around them to feel happy. 

What subjects are you studying? 
I am pursuing a Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration at the College of Education. I mainly study the Internationalization of Higher Education in the U.S., how campuses internationalize themselves, and what experiences international students/scholars/community members have while in the U.S. 

How has been your college experience thus far? 
It has been amazing so far! My faculty, department, and cohort mates are excellent and affirmative of my experiences at the university and Columbia. 

What message would you like to send to your friends back home? 
तुम्ही सर्वगुण संपन्न आहात, आत्मविश्वास ठेवा आणि तुम्ही यशस्वी व्हाल! 
(You are gifted, be confident, and you will succeed!) 

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